The Tastemaker

Flavored liquor is too expensive.

Use your "go-to" everyday liquor to create your own craft flavor.

If I buy 750ml of flavored liquor, I might not like it.

You create your own small batch size without wasting much liquor or money.

I like it spicy, but not too spicy. Sweet, but not too sweet.

With Tastemaker you get to make a customized infusion based on your palate and nuanced to your preferences.

What ingredients are used in the manufactured bottle of infused liquor, is it natural?

We can’t speak for the manufacturers (hmmm a drop of antifreeze-glycol anyone?), but you'll decide what you put in the liquor and consequently what goes inside you and your friends.

I don’t think I have that much time to make infusions.

Most liquor infusions will take less than 30 minutes, a majority will be under 15 minutes. The alcohol pulls the flavors out quickly.

I'm short on ideas for infusion flavors.

No worries, a set of infusion recipes are included and many more will become available shortly thereafter. But don't dilly dally, copy those you've seen in stores, online, or at your favorite cocktail bar.

Do I need complex ingredients?

No way. Most of the best infusions are made with ingredients you'll have on hand. Go bananas and invent your own with just one or two ingredients...hey, why not use bananas? Or some of that excess fruit you got at Costco? Candy works well as a starter too.

Why bother?

Why settle for flavors that are only up to par? Be your own genius and infuse something spectacular! Making infusions will contribute to your longevity and well being. You'll become the toast of parties and gatherings. You'll always have a conversation starter and you'll certainly be giving gifts that everyone will enjoy... and yes, you'll enjoy your cocktails, shots and mixers way more now that you know what you're drinking.

Why should I buy this when I could just use a jar?

Well, ummm yes you could, you could also use a tea cup for drinking vodka and a pen to stir your cocktails…the Tastemaker elevates your game. It creates fun where there was once dull or null.

Why does it fit a bottle?

The Tastemaker fits bottles so you can fill the infuser to fullest capacity, while showing off your newly acquired mixology magic. You can leave the Tastemaker in place if you are making multiple fill and pour shots etc.

When it's on the bottle, what's stopping the infusion from emptying into the liquor bottle?

Aha, the patent pending valve system is designed to be foolproof. The weighted stopper keeps the infusion in the Tastemaker. You can also double down by twisting the body to lock the stopper in place.

Why does the body rotate?

Firstly, rotating fully clockwise (looking from the Top down) will firmly lock the stopper in the closed position, no sneaky drippage and certainly no ingress from the liquor bottle. One click to the left (anti-clockwise) will release the locked stopper, so you can now fill her up through the bottom pipe. Two clicks to the left will disassemble the unit for cleaning.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes it is, go cleaning crazy why don’t you.

How will I know when it's ready?

There’s no secret to this, its time and taste. You’ll know by taking a quick sip. Steeping for too long will inevitably lead to an overly sweet, spicy or bitter concoction. So take a sip and see after 15 minutes.

What is the Tastemaker made of?

It’s BPA free, Tritan Brand Polycarbonate material made under license from Eastman USA. Tough, dishwasher safe, you can bounce it around on your home bar without fear of breakage.

Why is it 9fl.oz capacity?

We chose this volume for a number of reasons. Firstly it’s a great capacity to make 2 good, solid cocktails, or 6 shots. Secondly it’s faster to infuse smaller batches, so you can get almost instantaneous rewards for your efforts. Last but not least, it’s a nice quantity of liquor, not too stingy, but not too grabby - so you’ll still have lots of liquor left in your donor bottle.

When will I see new recipes?

We hope to have at least one new recipe available per month. And, of course, we’ll also be featuring a submitted recipe from you, the home mixologist, once its been tested and tasted by our team of tipplers. BTW if you sign up for our email alerts you’ll be automatically notified when there’s a new recipe to try…now that’s what I call good service.

Can I use it for anything else?

Of course, it’s an incredibly handy shaker.